Red Rocket Farm’s “Zipper”

If you’re a fan of Red Rocket Farm‘s web comics you have to get their latest figure. Jason Albin Thomas’s cat from his “A Place In The Sea” comic is now available as a cute figure with the biggest eyes!

You can order yours through the Red Rocket Farm website now for $25 USD each.

Source: Red Rocket Farm

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Nerviswr3k’s “Inner Child” Colorways

We won’t lie-at first we weren’t into this new vinyl toy designed by Nerviswr3k. But we have to admit the little guy in the monster is kind of cute and he seems to get cuter the mort we look at him. “Inner Child” is the first vinyl toy by Nerviswr3k and our friends at SubUrban Vinyl. So far there’s been three variants to choose from.

Red-Retail edition that has been selling through various shops

Blue-Exclusive colorway from online retailer Tenacious Toys

Green-Exclusive colorway from SubUrban Vinyl

Looks like “Inner Child” will have its own rainbow of colors to collect. We wonder what other colors will be available. “Inner Child” is 4 inches tall and is limited to 125 pieces of each variant.

Source: SubUrban Vinyl

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OMOCAT Pop-Up Shop at Japan LA

Starting this weekend OMOCAT will be having a pop-up shop at Japan LA. The store will play host to OMOCAT apparel and art prints for at least a month this spring. There’s also other activities include raffle, giveaway, and meet and greet with OMOCAT herself.

Heat over to Japan LA tomorrow to load up on cute apparel from OMOCAT. We’re crossing our fingers and hoping some items from the Tomagotchi collection will be there as well.

Source: OMOCAT Blog

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Scott Tolleson x Flat Bonnie “Pinkerton” Plush

In addition to their two exclusives at this year’s WonderCon, Flat Bonnie will also have a special plush in collaboration with Scott Tolleson. This plush is based on Tolleson’s Pinkerton character and will be super limited edition-only 10 of them will be made and only 5 of them will be at the convention for purchase.

Pinkerton is 16 inches tall and will have a poseable skeleton inside so you can have Pinkerton stand in any position if you like. There’s no set price for this yet, but expect to pay $200 USD (or less) for each one.

Since only half of the Pinkerton plushes will be available at WonderCon, we’re curious to know when the others will be available…

Source: Flat Bonnie

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64 Colors & Squibbles Ink+Rotofugi “Spring Mini Marshall”

What happens when you cross a rabbit with a marshmallow boy? You get the newest Mini Marshall from 64 Colors and Squibbles Ink+Rotofugi. “Spring Mini Marshall” is a floppy ear white rabbit, complete with whiskers and buck teeth. It’s here to kick off Spring and bring us closer to Easter.

“Spring Mini Marshall” is 2 inches tall and will go on sale on the Rotofugi website on April 1, 2015, at 10:59AM EDT for $12.95 USD each. We hope this isn’t an April’s Fools joke, cause we’re ready to buy our own Spring Mini Marshall now!

UPDATE 3/29/15: You will also be able to get one over at the 64 Colors web store on April 1, 2015, at 10AM EDT. They’re limited to 350 pieces and the ones purchased through 64 Colors directly will get a matching pin and will be signed by 64 Colrs

Source: Rotofugi

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