Onch Movement x Hello Kitty “Mother’s Day 2015″ Jewelry

Onch Movement and Sanrio have teamed together again for some new jewelry. This collection’s inspiration came from Onch’s desire to celebrate his mother and mother’s throughout the world (awww!)

When Sanrio asked me to create a new collection for them, I knew instantly that this was an opportunity to celebrate my mom and mothers all over the world. I’m very close to my mom. She is one of my biggest supporters and we have a very special relationship.

This collection is very personal to me and I hope you enjoy these special Mother’s Day jewels just as much as I did in designing them.

This is such a fun looking collection! It’s so bold and cute, not to mention the necklaces are great statement pieces. You can order the new Onch Movement jewelry now on Sanrio’s website. Prices range from $56 to $94 USD each.

Source: Sanrio

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“Nerdache Cakes Bakery” Kickstarter

Ant Roman aka Nerdache Cakes has created a Kickstarter in hopes to make a home for her adorable-looking baked goods. She has started fundraising for the Nerdache Cakes Bakery, a permanent spot for her cakes and physical place where others can purchase treats. As of today you can only order Nerdache Cakes online.

Check out the Kickstarter directly by clicking here. Additionally you can see Roman’s works by going to the Nerdache Cakes official site and Tumblr.

Source: Nerdache Cakes Bakery on Kickstarter

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OMOCAT Pop-Up Shop at Japan LA Extended!

Rejoice! Japan LA has announced that the OMOCAT Popup Shop that was scheduled to close on April 26, 2015, has been extended for another month.

Now you have until May 24, 2015, to grab some OMOCAT prints and apparel.

Items have been restocked in anticipation of the extension so be sure to check out Japan LA if you’re in the area.

Source: Japan LA on Facebook

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ToyConUK 2015: Jeremiah Ketner & Martin Hsu

Jeremiah Ketner is making the trek to this year’s ToyConUK 2015 and he’s bringing adorable customs! Ketner and Martin Hsu have teamed together again to bring these custom painted Blackys and wooden paintings. “Happy Pups” is the sequel to the two’s “Love Pups” collab back in February. Each set includes a Blacky by Ketner and an original painting by Hsu.

There’s five sets in total and they will be released at ToyConUK on April 25, 2015. They will be available for £240 GBP, or about $358 USD, per set.

Source: Jeremiah Ketner Fine Art on Facebook

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TADO Studio Clear Out Sale

Before the weekend ends, head over to TADO‘s online store for their “Studio Clear Out” sale. This is your chance to get some of their artwork, toys, apparel, and more! To see their inventory click here.

Source: TADO on Twitter

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