Spritelings “Votter” Kickstarter

We’ve recently stumbled upon Spritelings, a Virgina Beach based company that specializes in make super cute toys. They recently opened a Kickstarter project to help raise money for a new plush toy called “The Votter” and we’re intrigued by the project.

As per their fundraising campaign, the Votter is “vampiric otter with vicious claws, eyes built for hunting, razor sharp fangs and a body built for predatory domination.” But we rather hug one of our own instead of running away from one! The Kickstarter includes different incentives for backing like stickers, resin toys, various colorways of Votter, and other Spritelings plushes.

This Kickstarter will be takings backers until October 12, 2015, at 10PM EDT. As you can see, they’re super close to their goal with a week left to go on their deadline. Help make the newest addition to the Spritelings family become a plush reality! You can back up this project by clicking here. To see other toys produced by Spritelings be sure to check out their online shop.

Source: Spritelings on Kickstarter

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NYCC 2015: Super 7

Super 7 will be returning to this year’s New York Comic Con and they are bringing a treasure chest of exclusives to their booth. We are already setting money aside to get the newest colorways of Brian Flynn’s Kandy Kaiju toys.

For the convention Foster, Milton, and Pie Guy will be in their own different variants. normally they share the same color theme but this time around these three are standing up on their own. Foster is “blueberry” blue that glows in the dark while Milton is a purple “grape” cone that also glows in the dark. Pie Guy is “key lime” flavor with bright green and tan details, complete with a white moustache.

We’re so ready to add these three to our shopping bags this year!

Source: Super 7

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Momiji x Gary Ham “Hermees & Tiny Trickster”

October is right around the corner, which means it’s time for a new message doll by Momiji! This next doll is based on an original character by illustrator Gary Ham, but with a twist. “Momiji Hermees” is dressed up like Ham’s vinyl toy and comes with a matching friend, Tiny Trickster. Such cuties!

You can get this duo now on the Momiji website for $39 USD each.

Source: Momiji on Facebook

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Fluffy House “Fluffy Rabbit” Set

Check out this set of adorable bunnies by Fluffy House. The “Fluffy Rabbit” set includes three rabbits. The set includes two white “Naughty Rabbits” and an friendly “Gray Rabbit.”

Each Rabbit stands at about 2.5 inches tall. There’s at least three different designs of Naughty Rabbits you can get but there’s one Gray Rabbit. You can pre-order the set now in the Fluffy House online store for $19.99 USD each. These trio of rabbits are scheduled to ship in mid-October.

Source: FluffyHouse on Facebook

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San X “Rilakkuma” Tofu

Is there a way to make a simple looking cube of tofu look cute? Check out these blocks with the faces of San X’s Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori on them. We don’t have much information about these but they look amazing!

We wouldn’t be surprise this is a Japan-only product. It’s probably for the best as we wouldn’t be able to cut into this blocks.

Source: San X

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