“Mariposa & Dragonfly” Wave 3 by Argonaut Resins

More Argonaut Resins Mariposa & Dragonfly are here! Wave 3 of these beautiful babies are out now in the Argonaut Resins store. So far there seems to be several glow in the dark figures for grabs. Get as many as you can, including a “mystery bug” box, for $45 USD each.

Source: Argonaut Resins

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San X “Rilakkuma” Lighter by Ronson Typhoon

It’s sophisticated with a hint of cuteness-Hong Kong based Ronson Typhoon and San X have teamed together to make the most low-key kawaii lighter ever. Ronson Typhoon is known for making lighters in the 1960s and their Rilakkuma design is subtle but still adorable.

The lighter is a black titanium and includes a raised Rilakkuma head as well as him, Korilakkuma, and Kiiroitori engraved on the back of it. There’s also an gold-engraved Kiiroitori on the front of the lighter-you see it when you flip the top!

The lighter is available for ¥13,500 JPY (or about $110 USD) each. As of right now, it looks like a Japan-exclusive (sigh!) but we’re hoping it’ll be available international over time. Or, if you don’t want to wait you can find an international shipping service.

Source: San X

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Vinyl Pulse x Itokin Park 10th Anniversary “Astronaut” & “Space Mode Man”

We’re less than 30 minutes away from the release of these adorable toys from Itokin Park and designer toy blog Vinyl Pulse. In celebration of Vinyl Pulse’s 10th Anniversary, the blog is releasing a green “Astronaut” and “Space Mode Man” figures. The Astronaut is sporting a solid green helmet while Space Mode Man has a green/black camouflage. Which one do you want?

Both will be available through Vinyl Pulse’s website today, June 19, 2015, at 7:30AM PDT (or 10:30AM EDT). Get the Astronaut for $35 USD each and Space Mode Man for $45 USD each.

Source: Vinyl Pulse

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Caramelaw “Skull” Bag Charms

These skull bag charms from Sheena Aw aka Caramelaw are ADORABLE! They include the Caramelaw skull (heart in eye included!) with hot pink tassels and extra. There’s only three of these charms and all three have their own additional charm added to it. These charms are made to hang off your bag, but feel free to add them to anywhere that needs an extra pop of color!

You can get these in the Caramelaw Etsy store now for $20 USD each.

Source: World of Caramelaw on Facebook

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“Satyr” by Seulgie

Seulgie is a new artist who has had the pleasure of being an apprentice for Peter Kato (lucky!). With learning how to sculp from Kato, Seulgie has been able to bring her adorable character Satyr to life as a resin figure. What do you think! We’re loving the pastel colors and the eye details!

Satyr is 4.5 inches tall and come in six colorways. They will go on sale tomorrow June 18, 2015, at 8PM exclusively in Kato’s online store. There will only be six available for purchase so be sure to check into the shop at that time.

Source: Peter Kato on Instagram & Peter Kato Shop

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