100% Soft Artist Proof Prints Sale

Truck Torrance aka 100% Soft is currently having a sale of Artist Proof prints from his MASS HYSTERIA show. You can still get some of the works by going to 100% Soft online store. Prices of prints are $40 USD each and are super limited. Get them while you can!

Source: 100% Soft on Facebook

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Sneak Peek: New Tokidok Scarves!

Okay, can we just take a moment to gush over this new scarf pattern Simone Legno of Tokidoki posted a pic of on his Instagram?The pastel colors look AMAZING!

This is currently a sample but we hope this will be available very soon! We Wouldn’t even mind the black and gray pattern on the left as a scarf as well.

Source: Simone Legno on Instagram

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Sneak Peek: New Tasty Peach Studios Meowchi

Tasty Peach Studios is planning the next Halloween and Holiday 2015 variants of their Meowchi plushes. So far they have the next colorway for their Vampire Bat and Reindeer Meowchi toy but they’re still looking for the next colorway of their Candy Corn Meowchi. Below is a mockup of the planned variants:

Right now Tasty Peach Studios is asking fans for their thoughts of what the next Candy Corn Mewochi colorway will be. Head over to the Tasty Peach Studios Facebook Page to give your thoughts and even learn how to pre-order for the original versions of these Meowchis.

Source: Tasty Peach Studios on Facebook

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JapanLA x Rilakkuma in Space Launch

JapanLA’s Clothing will be releasing new fun apparel this summer featuring San X‘s Rilakkuma. Rilakkuma in Space will be featuring the sleepy bear in an outer space setting. As part of the launch JapanLA will be having an event next week, complete with gift bags, prizes, and photo ops with Rilakkuma!

We can’t wait to see the entire line become available!

Source: JapanLA on Instagram

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Uamou X Ame Ame “Green Mint Candy” Toys

The second wave of Uamou and Ame Ame collaboration is now available for purchase. The colorway for these new Uamou and Boo toys are translucent green with what looks like silver sparkle, hence the name “Green Mint Candy.”

You can purchase the “Classic” version of the Ame Ame Green Mint Candy now in Uamou’s online shop for ¥2,200 JPY, or about $18 USD each. For the other versions of Uamou and Boo you’ll have to get them at Ame Ame. Uamou is less than 3 inches tall.

Source: Uamou

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