“Wonderland Art for Animals” at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland

Opening later this month at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland is “Wonderland Art for Animals,” a group show curated by Supahcute. This event will host a roster of new works from artists/illustrator, pieces dedicated to animals of all kinds. Proceeds from the pieces in the show will be donated to the local North Central Animal Shelter, operated by the Los Angeles City Animal Services. Participating artists include:

Adrianna Bamber, Alice Lieu of ilootpaperie, Amanda Dempsey, Andrea Kang, Angela Song, Ann Shen, Anthony Conley, Asavari Kumar, Becky Lau, Bored Inc., Cactus Club, Catmandru, Christina Jose, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Doubleparlour, Edwin Ushiro, Em & Sprout, Flat Bonnie, Genevieve Santos, Jackie Williams, Janie XY, Jared Andrew Schorr, Jenna Puente, Kevin Chan, Kim Le, Kristen “Hapa” Lau, Layal Idriss, Lili Chin, Luke Flowers, Martin Hsu, Ming Ong, Misha Lulu, Nan Lawson, Nana Williams, Naoshi, Nellie Le, Nicole Piar, Oborochann, Orbital Ox, Pamela Barbieri aka Bunny, Pete Ellison, PolymomoTea, Rhodora Jacob, Riso n Bobbi, Roland Tamayo, Roman Cortez, Ryan Shaw, SaoZen, Sarah Momohara, Sean Chao, Shelley Couvillion, Shlii, Sierra L. Holly, Squidbrains, Susuten, The Stranded Stitch, TobyArt, Unicorn Crafts, Vanessa Ramirez, Yeti & Friends, and Yumster Friends.

Opening night of the show will include compliment refreshments, a raffle, and a few vendors selling items. You can see more about the show, as well as RSVP for the opening through Facebook, by clicking here.

Source: Supahcute