“Vive La Lolligag” Custom Show & Vinyl Toy Release at Woot Bear

It you’re in the San Francisco area later this month, be sure to check out the “Vive La Lolligag” custom show at Woot Bear Gallery. The show will have a large number of artists and sculptors making their own version of Lolligag World‘s “Vive La Lolligag” vinyl toy. This is one HUGE show-there are so many people participating throughout the world!

The artist roster for this show include Betso, Big C, Brandon Dicks, Candie Bolton, Carson Catlin, Cat Atomic, Chris RWK, Daniel Fleres, Downtimer, Eos, Eric Tan, Frank Montano, Gretchen Lewis, Haus of Boz, Heidi Kenney, Horrible Adorables, Irene Garcia, Jason Hornbuckle, Jeff Gomez, Jenn & Tony Bot, Jerome Lu, JFURY, Joey Chou, JRAD, JRyu & Vampy Bit Me, Leecifer, Malo April, Mathew Knight, Melodreama, Mikie Graham, Ming Ming Castillo, Mizna Wada, MJ Hsu, Nakanari, Nate, Obscure, Phillip Lumbang, Rich Sheehan, Riser, RXSeven, Sneaky Raccoon, Tasha Zimich, Task One, ToyArtCustom, Tyler Ham, Valley Dweller, William Rimmel, Zachary Sweets, and Zard.

Lolligag World will also be launching their fourth colorway of their “Vive La Lolligag” vinyl toy at the show. This variant is a lilac color that’s smells of grapes. This “grape” variant is limited to 250 pieces.

Be sure to check out Woot Bear’s Instagram to see sneak peeks of some of the customs that will be showcased at the show. If you’re unable to make it to opening night the show will be up until September 30, 2015.

Source: Lolligag World on Facebook & Blogger