New Tokidoki Plush toys

It’s been awhile since lifestyle brand tokidoki has released plush versions of their popular characters. First to come out were plush Sandy and Mozzarella, followed by Adios and Ciao Ciao. But Tokidoki will be releasing new plushes scheduled to come out in early 2012.

The new toys are their unicorn Stellina, Donutella, and Kaiju. The toys won’t be available until early 2012 (preorders are being taken now at several online retailers), but you can pick up your own on now. Suggested retail price for each is $19.95 USD.

Personally I’m 50/50 about getting these. The hardcore tokidoki lover/collector in me screams order all three while the mature adult in me scolding me for liking these. But that’s how tokidoki is-killer cuteness.

Source: tokidoki