Tokidoki Porcino

I love pigs, and I love tokidoki. So when I heard that tokidoki was releasing a new pig character in their “Cactus Friends” series I was excited. Finally after seeing pictures online and waiting patiently, tokidoki has listed Porcino onto their website today.

He is absolutely adorable (I’m assuming Porcino is male based on the Italian I learned years ago-feel free to correct me). Porcino looks to be a little taller than the last “Cactus Friends,” being 3in tall as opposed to 2.5in.  The toy is a wee bit pricier than the others; Porcino is $12.95 USD on tokidoki’s website while previously released Bruttino and Carina are $12.00 each. But in my pig/tokidoki/cuteness biased opinion, that additional money is worth it.

Source: tokidoki