tokidoki Moofia Series 2

Can’t get enough of tokidoki‘s Moofia just like us? You’re in luck-the second series of Moofia blind boxed toys are available now! This would actually be the third series of these toys but it’s the second released exclusively under tokidoki (the first series was released under StrangeCo). And unlike the previous Moofia collection, this new series includes ten new characters to choose from!

So cute! The different characters include different versions of milk (almond, goat, original, or protein) and yogurt (regular and even Greek). There’s even a few new original characters like a gallon of milk, cafe au lait, and the chaser Coco-Latte drink! Moofia Series 3 are 3 inches tall and comes in milk carton packaging. You can purchase the Moofia now on for $8 USD each!