Tokidoki Moofia Eau de Toilette & Shower Cream

How adorable are these perfumes and shower gel from tokidoki? They’re based on Moofia members Latte and Strawberry Milk and are just as cute as their characters! There’s an Eau de Toilette scent for each as a matching shower cream. Choose between a sweet (Latte) or fruity (Milk) scent, or be like us and try to score all four!

tokidoki Latte Eau de Toilette

tokidoki Milk Eau de Toilette

tokidoki Latte Doccia Crema Shower Cream

tokidoki Milk Doccia Crema Shower Cream

At the time of this post, these are available in Italy only. If you’re in that country (lucky) you can order them now through Marionnaud.

We’re hoping that these products aren’t an Italian exclusive; we’d love to start our days with Latte and Strawberry Milk. We also wonder if it means they’ll be more Moofia Eau de Toilette scents and shower gels in the future. We wouldn’t mind a milk-centered skincare line by tokidoki if it included great products in cute packaging!