tokidoki “Cactus Rocker”

Tokidoki has a new addition to their Cactus Friends series. Sneak peaks of their “Cactcus Rocker” vinyl has been out for a few weeks now, but the toy is finally available for purchasing starting today. Catcus Rocker stands at 6 inches tall and is on sale in the tokidoki online store for $24.95 USD.

There’s also a special edition Cactus Rocker that will be on sale at SDCC this year for $39.95 USD. Unlike the regular version, this variant has blue hair, a purple/blue guitar, and different color patches. This version is limited to 400 pieces, but we’re hoping that the special edition will also be available at this year’s NYCC as well.

Additionally, we’ve seen another version of Cactus Rocker that’s being offered by Singapore-based retailer Play Imaginative. We can’t determine if this is the special edition one, but based on the color scheme we think this one is different from the previous two. The company recently posted up a sneak peak of the version they’re selling on their Facebook page:

Which one do you like best?

Sources: Vinyl Pulse & Play Imaginative