Jeremiah Ketner B-Star Girl MP3 Speaker

Here at Kawaii Vinyl, we’re aware that there’s tons in the toy art scene. We’re a very new blog dropping into the business. One of our goals is to inform others new the area about artists and their work whenever it’s present, future, or past. Also, we know that occasionally there will be quiet times while we wait for latest news from artists. During those times we’ll go looking at past works that interest us.  And that is what we find ourselves doing this week.

While browsing one of our favorite online retailers I came across this product from artist Jeremiah Ketner.

This is called the B-Star Girl MP3 speaker and was released back in spring 2009. It’s still available in some places (I found one at The Giant Peach on sale for $22.50).

She looks so angelic with the big black eyes. And the stars make a great touch.  A great piece of eye candy that doubles as external speakers? How can you pass this up?

Source: The Giant Peach