“The FlipBookit Show” at GR2 Giant Robot

Tomorrow night is the opening of GR2‘s new group exhibit, The FlipBooKit show. It will feature over 40 artists’s work using the FlipBookit mechanical flip book as a platform. Each artist in the show will have their own little moving picture on display. Pretty cool!

The work of over 40 artists, animators and sculptors will be showcased in the first official FlipBooKit show. Featuring hand-cranked miniature movie machines, the FlipBooKit presents animated art in a tangible, physical form. Experience the revival of this nostalgic art form as it breathes life into the moving picture in a whole new way.

There will be a reception on April 26, 2014, and the show will be up until May 14, 2014. We highly recommend checking out this show if you’re in the area and see how the FlipBooKit works in person.

Source: GR2