Etsy Sundays: SUSUTEN

Etsy Sundays: SUSUTEN

This week’s Etsy Sunday feature is filled with so much cuddly cuteness we can’t choose just one! SUSUTEN is a line of handmade plushes from LA-based designer Melissa Msu that live up to the company tagline “Creations from the Heart.” SUSUTEN includes a variety of plush toys based off food, animals, and other miscellaneous characters. You can tell these characters are made by hand with love with their details!

SUSUTEN Sandi the Watermelon Plush

SUSUTEN Kawaiigirl Plush

SUSUTEN Stumpie Plush

SUSUTEN Rumi as Chu Chu Plush

This is just some of the plushes we’re eyeing but there’s tons more to choose from. To see the entire SUSUTEN collection, head over to Hsu’s shop on Etsy. Prices start at $9 USD each and increase as the size goes up. Bring home one or more today!