Squishable Fuzzy Memories Pre-Orders

Pre-orders are up for these Fuzzy Memories, new plushes from Squishable! Long before cloud storage and digital downloads there were cassettes and floppy disks. You can remember those days of simple storage with Squishable’s version of both! Fuzzy Memories Cassette and Floppy Disk are super soft for squeezing and reminiscing!

Fuzzy Memories Cassette

Fuzzy Memories Floppy Disk

Both Cassette and Floppy Disk will only be made if they are enough backers, which means that if their goals are not reached no one will be charged. But that also means that neither will be made (think of it as a Squishable version of crowdfunding). You can pre-order these plushes here and here now at Squishable.com for $30 USD each. If goals have been reached, Cassette and Floppy Disk are scheduled to ship Fall 2016!