“Spirals” and “Flower Kitty” by Jeremiah Ketner

This week Jeremiah Ketner has two new print that will go on sale in his online shop. Both are limited edition and can only be purchased online. The first is “Flower Kitty,” a cute black cat. We love the facial details of this kitty-so cute! This print is limited to 40 signed/numbered pieces and will be priced at $25 USD each.

The second print is titled “Spirals,” and features one of Ketner’s ladies. This print is a smaller run than “Flower Kitty” as it’s limited to 20 signed/numbered pieces. Each print will be on sale for $95 USD each and will come hand embellished.

Both prints will go on same in Ketner’s online shop starting July 18, 2014, at 12PM CST (or 1PM EST)

Source: Jeremiah Ketner