Silver Lamé Uamou

Add some extra sparkle to your day with these special edition Silver Lamé Uamou! There’s five designs to choose from, each one with a different facial expression (Classic, Happy, Sad, Dazed, and Ouch). Four of the five include a matching “Boo” companion to bring even more glitter.

Each Uamou stands at less than 3 inches tall and Boo is less than 0.5 inches in height. You can order your Silver Lamé Uamou through the Uamou online store now. Prices range from ¥2,000 JPY (or about $17 USD) each for Classic and ¥2,200 JPY (or about $19 USD) each for the other designs. Additionally, you can get the Silver Lamé Uamou and Boo set for ¥8,000 JPY (or about $67 USD). The set includes four Uamou (Happy, Sad, Dazed, and Ouch) and three Boo figures.

Source: Uamou