Shawnimals “Pocket Frocolli”

We can’t hide our love for Shawnimals-there’s just something about the plush line’s black-eyed handmade creations that we can’t resist. They even have the ability to make a vegetable look cute. Introducing Froccoli, Shawnimals’ handmade broccoli plush toy.

Yes, that is broccoli as a collectible toy. Unlike real broccoli, you won’t want to hide it. Froccoli is 4 inches tall and is priced as $12 USD in Shawnimals online store.

This plush is new to the “Pocket Plush” series, and we can’t help to not like it. You have to admit that Froccoli makes broccoli look great. If only all vegetables looked that cute…

Source: Shawnimals