Shawnimals “Legends of Ninjatown” Series Bundle

The beloved “Ninja of the Month” series ended this month, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be anymore cuddly ninjas from Shawimals. They already have new ninjas to add to their Ninjatown series. Introducing the Legends of Ninjatown, a collection of Ninjas-in-training. These “Apprentice Ninjas” are a part of one of five main squads-Spirit, Forest, Fire, Aqua, and Snow. Each one trains under specific squad leaders & “deities.”

Shawnimals “Legends of Ninjatown” Bundle

There’s a special bundle on sale now that includes all five apprentices plushes for one price. The “Legends of Ninjatown” plushes are 5 inches tall, a difference in the previous “Ninja of the Month” plushes. Each apprentice comes with its own decorative 1-inch pin and info card that tells you about each squad. You also get a signed 6 x 8 inches print with apprentices and each squad’s deities. The pre-order price for this bundle now is $80 USD, but we expect for this to go up once the new year hits. Get your apprentice ninjas now!

Source: Shawnimals