Shawnimals “Feroshi the Dino Slug”

Shawnimals has released their last 2011 “Ninja of the Month” toy to the public. If you’re in the dark about “Ninja of the Month,” the popular brand offers new limited releases each month featuring characters from their Ninjatown series. For December, the Shawnimals gang is offering “Feroshi the Dino Slug” for purchasing. Feroshi might not look like the other Shawnimals Ninjas, but he still looks just as adorable.

This toy stands at 7×7 inches and the price is $30 USD. The package includes a signed & tagged handmade plush (only of 100 of these are available), “spicy wasabi puffs” plush balls,  a matching character sticker, and a character button. This is definitely not your average slug you’d find outside your door. This is one you’d want to take inside. You can order Feroshi over at the Shawnimals website starting December 7, 2011.

Source: Shawnimals