Wishlist Wednesdays: Shawnimals Breast Cancer Awareness Ninja

This week’s Wishlist Wednesday spotlight is not only cute, but also was created for a good cause. A few years ago, Shawnimals co-owner Jen Brody participated in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk and to mark the special occasion there was a limited edition pink ninja that was on sale. This rare Breast Cancer Ninja was limited to 100 pieces and came with a letterpress print.

Shawnimals Breast Cancer Ninja

Doesn’t it look super soft? The 4-inch plush has since been sold, only making a brief appearance in the past couple of years in one of Shawnimals Rarity and Prototype sale. We’d love to see this plush available again, however since it was made for a special occasion we don’t anticipate it being re-released. We can still dream though!