San X “Rilakkuma Pandas” Plushes

Cuteness is on another level with the these August 2015 plushes from San X! Rilakkuma is dressed up in a panda suit for this month’s toy release. There’s a line of Panda Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma plushes that are available at Rilakkuma retailers now in Japan.

There’s also a special collection released from Sega Limited that includes Kiiroitori in the lineup. It looks like these plushes will be available at Sega Limited retailers. The line looks a bit more fluffy and the plushes come with a donut treat. Well, except for Kiiroitori-why must he go without a treat?

Be sure to check out your favorite Rilakkuma retailer to see if and when these cuties will be available. We can’t wait!

Source: San X