Sakura Matsuri 2013 at Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

This past weekend the Brooklyn Botanical Garden played host to their annual cherry blossom celebration, Sakura Matsuri. While many of the cherry blossoms weren’t in full bloom yet, that didn’t stop visitors from enjoying the beautiful weather during the 2-day festival. We were there on the first day and had a great time!

First, we check out some of the few trees that were in what is called “Peak Bloom,” where the cherry blossoms are all bright and pink. This is the time where the trees look like cotton candy before the leaves turn green. We sat in the garden and enjoyed some of the treats that were for sale during the festival, including a super cute and super yummy green tea cupcake, complete with pink and green frosting on top.

Afterward, we watch two performances that took place on the main stage on the Cherry Esplanade. We listened to the music of Taiko Masala, a Brooklyn-based taiko drumming and martial arts troupe and tried to view some of the martial arts but couldn’t due to standing room only seat. Up next was a showcase of various traditional Japanese dances performed by Sachiyo Ito & Company aka Dancejapan. We were able to get front row seats to watch the dancers and see their lovely kimonos.

There was also a jammed packed schedule full of fun things for the whole weekend. Activities at Sakura Matsuri included traditional Japanese demonstrations, music/dance performances, exhibits, games, crafts, and vendors selling various goods. There even was a separate section for those interested in J-Pop culture and manga.

We tried to get some pictures of a traditional tea ceremony but weren’t as lucky. It seems that the demo was so popular this year that all seats were filled and the staff actually had to turn people away at the door due to fire restrictions.

There’s still time to see the cherry blossoms if you weren’t at Sakura Matsuri this weekend. Most of the trees weren’t in full bloom and we expect them to reach their peak over the week or so. We highly recommend taking a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to see the trees-don’t miss it!