Recap: Clutter Gallery’s “Cutepocalypse”

This weekend we were at attendance for the “Cutepocalypse” group show at Clutter Gallery. When we got there it was definitely an explosion of cuteness! Prints, paintings, sculptures, and custom toys of all kinds were on display showcasing all types of kawaii goodness.

Many of the participants had more than one piece in the show, so fans had a good chance in getting a piece from their favorite artist. Some of works were obviously cute while others were “creepy adorable” in their own light. Either way, we LOVE the show!

Check out the photos from the show below:

The show includes new works from Andrea Kang, Aya Kakeda, Camilla d’Errico, Chima Group, Cody Williams, DEVILROBOTS, Dolly Oblong, Eimi Takano, Flat Bonnie, 40 Threads/Scribe, Hiroshi Yoshii, Horrible Adorables, Jenn & Tony Bot, Jessie Cunningham, Meghan Stratman, Mr. Toast, Nathan Hamill, Odd Fauna/Emma SanCartier, One-Eyed Girl, Peskimo, Tasha Zimich, Tesselate, Tweedlebop, UME Toys, Valency Genis, Veggiesomething, and Yosiell Lorenzo.

Some works have already sold but there is some available artwork for purchase. To see the remaining available pieces from the “Cutepocalypse,” head over to Clutter Magazine’s online store. There’s something for everyone’s budget with prices starting at $22 USD all the way up to $400 USD.