Recap: “Bedtime Stories” My Plastic Heart

This weekend we stopped by My Plastic Heart in New York for the opening of Peter Kato‘s custom Bedtimes Bunnies show, “Bedtime Stories.” The show featured over 30 artists and their interpretation of Kato’s bunny figure in different styles. Many of the customs on display were in cute form, like Kato’s original resin figure, while others took on a different side of the toy. We even saw a motorized Bedtime Bunnie doing the running man dance!

Participating artists in the show include 64 Colors, Alyce Benevides, Andrea Kang, Bjornik, Boykong, Candie Bolton, Doktor A, Doubleparlour, Haus of Boz, Sulastri, Jellykoe, Jenn and Tony Bot, Jeremiah Ketner, Joanne Hsieh, Jon Paul Kaiser, Justin Alan Volpe, Kelly Denato, Kyle Kirwan, Lou Pimentel, Map-Map, Mariangela Tan, Nange Magro, Nathan Jurevicius, OddFauna, Onell Design, Rich Page, Skull Toys, Sneaky Raccoon, Stickymonger, Sugar Fueled, TADO, and Teru Fujita.

Not only were there tons of Bedtime Bunnie art available for purchase, attendees also got to see a preview of a new resin toy from Kato and My Plastic Heart. “Bunnie Box Mini” was given to those that purchased any of the customs from the show and there are plans for other colorways to come out as well.

Many of the customs sold either through My Plastic Heart’s preview earlier in the day or during the reception. You can see all the works that are still available by going to My Plastic’s Heart online store.