Polar Bear Caveys

More releases from Hey Cavey are coming! Make your winter more bearable with these Polar Bear Caveys from A Little Stranger. There’s both a plush version and vinyl version to collect.

SO CUTE! The plush Polar Bear Cavey is made of white fleece and handmade all the way down to its felt muzzle. The Polar Bear Vinyl Cavey is smaller and will also have a felt muzzle to complete the look. Both will go on sale in the Hey Cavey online store on February 3, 2014, at 8PM GMT (3PM EST). Plush Polar Bear Cavey will be £16 GBP (about $27 USD) and limited to 100 pieces while Polar Bear Vinyl Cavey will be £15 GBP (about $25 USD) and limited to 20 pieces.

Source: Hey Cavey