Plush Sushi at Think Geek

Love the look of sushi, but hate it smelling in your place when you have the real thing on display? No worries-you can have your own plush version of this Japanese delicacy.

The Plush Sushi pieces go for $9.99 USD each, or $29.99 for the 4-piece set at Think Geek. But now they’re currently on sale for $4.99 each/$18.99 for the set. Not sure on the size or each, but based on the Think Geek’s website the plushes are a little big bigger than Beanie Babies. You can order the Shrimp (my personal fav), Tuna, and Wasabi & Ginger now but you’ll have to wait till 12/9 to order the Salmon Rose or the 4-piece set.

Source:Think Geek