Peter Kato’s “Holiday Batch 2014” Bunnies

This Thursday, Peter Kato will be releasing a new batch of Bedtime Bunnies and Sleeptime Bunnies for the holidays. These resin toys will come in different shades of red and green with some pastel editions like pink and purple. These Bedtime Bunnies are covered in polka dots while the Sleeptime Bunnies are solid colors with highlighted details. In addition, there will also be Sleeptime Bunnies ornaments that you hang on your tree!

These goods will go up on sale on December 11, 20141 at 8PM in Kato’s online shop. The Bedtime Bunnies Ornaments will be $20 USD each and are limited to 20 pieces. The Sleeptime Bunnies will have a larger run of 35 pieces (we’re assuming they will be priced at $12 USD each). The Bedtime Bunnies Polka Dot toys will come in two sizes with prices ranging between $12 to $20 USD each.

Source: Peter Kato Shop