Onch Movement x Hello Kitty “Mother’s Day 2015” Jewelry

Onch Movement and Sanrio have teamed together again for some new jewelry. This collection’s inspiration came from Onch’s desire to celebrate his mother and mother’s throughout the world (awww!)

When Sanrio asked me to create a new collection for them, I knew instantly that this was an opportunity to celebrate my mom and mothers all over the world. I’m very close to my mom. She is one of my biggest supporters and we have a very special relationship.

This collection is very personal to me and I hope you enjoy these special Mother’s Day jewels just as much as I did in designing them.

This is such a fun looking collection! It’s so bold and cute, not to mention the necklaces are great statement pieces. You can order the new Onch Movement jewelry now on Sanrio’s website. Prices range from $56 to $94 USD each.

Source: Sanrio