Oborocharms “Octobabies Zipper Bag”

Check out this adorable zipper pouch from super cute artist Kim Rountree aka Oborochann of Oborocharms. Their Octobabies characters are featured on both sides of it playing at the bottom of the sea.

There’s a whole story about the Octobabies:

Octobabies are tiny, freshwater cephalopods, first discovered in a tiny pond in Japan’s Ishigaki Island. The intelligence and personality of Octobabies make them wonderful pets, especially for those who have always dreamed of owning their very own baby octopi!

This zipper bag is 9 x 6 inches and has an extra inside compartment so you can organize your contents. It’s currently on sale on Oborocharms.com for $12 USD.

Source: Oborocharms on Facebook