NYCC 2016: Rato Kim

Are you still trying to get a hold of Rato Kim‘s BreadCat and BoxCat customs? Are your friends asking you to get them one of their own? If you’re attending NYCC this week you’re in luck. You’ll have a chance to grab some!

Myplasticheart and Martian Toys will have different versions of BreadCat for sale at their booths. Both booths will also have their own BoxCat exclusives that you’ll only be able to get through them. Myplasticheart will have a special edition WoodCat while Martian Toys will have a Halloween-edition version called PumpkinCat.

NYCC 2016: Rato Kim at myplasticheart

NYCC 2016: Rato Kim at Martian Toys

We haven’t seen details on whenever any leftovers will be available for purchase after NYCC at this time. Since there’s a limited amount of each BreadCat and BoxCat, we strongly recommend getting them if you’re at NYCC while supplies last!