“Not So Glorious Soaring Hatchet Munk” by Huck Gee

Can a couple of miniature weapons and face scratches be considered cute? We think so!

Huck Gee has a new custom Dunny called “Not So Glorious Soaring Hatchet Munk.” Here’s a picture taken from Huck Gee’s official website:

It’s more on the tough warrior side, but still we have to go “AWWWWW!” (it’s the dunny ears; it reminds us of rabbits and when are rabbits ever not cute?) This custom is priced at $750 USD and is limited to 10 pieces worldwide. This dunny is on a first come first serve basis, so if you want one you must contact via email. Head over to the website for details.

Source: Huck Gee