New Tasty Peach Studios Plushes For Spring!

Rejoice! Tasty Peach Studios has three new cute plushes up for pre-order this month. First we have Disapproval Meowchi, a gray cat with a disapproving look to match. Disapproval Meowchi is available for pre-order only until April 21, 2015. It was originally supposed to be an April Fools Day joke, hence the limited time for pre-orders. It stands at 5.2 inches tall.

The second plush is Tofusagi Plush. You may have seen this character on previous Tasty Peach Studios merchandise but this is the first time you can get your own plush to cuddle and squeeze. Tofusagi is 9.5 inches tall.

And finally you can pre-order Nomwhal that we showed a sneek peak of in March. It’s the biggest of the three releases at 15 inches wide.

All three plushes are scheduled to ship in mid July 2015. Disapproval Meowchi is $25 USD each, Tofusagi is $20 USD each, and Nomwhal is $35 USD each.

Source: Tasty Peach Studios