Nerviswr3k’s “Inner Child” Colorways

We won’t lie-at first we weren’t into this new vinyl toy designed by Nerviswr3k. But we have to admit the little guy in the monster is kind of cute and he seems to get cuter the mort we look at him. “Inner Child” is the first vinyl toy by Nerviswr3k and our friends at SubUrban Vinyl. So far there’s been three variants to choose from.

Red-Retail edition that has been selling through various shops

Blue-Exclusive colorway from online retailer Tenacious Toys

Green-Exclusive colorway from SubUrban Vinyl

Looks like “Inner Child” will have its own rainbow of colors to collect. We wonder what other colors will be available. “Inner Child” is 4 inches tall and is limited to 125 pieces of each variant.

Source: SubUrban Vinyl