Miss Kika’s “Gummi Bunni” Is Finally Here!

We first saw “Miss Gummi Bunni Foo Foo” by Miss Kika at Japan LA‘s Bunnies and Bows show in 2011. Ever since we saw the work we hoped that there would be smaller prints/shirts/stationary/etc. It was just SUPER CUTE! You can check out Miss Kika’s wrap up of the show and see the original work on the MissKika.com blog.

So why are we bring up this topic now? Because Miss Kika has finally answered our wishes and has released Gummi Bunni as a print this month!

Gummi Bunni stands at 18 x 24 inches and is limited to 100 signed and numbered pieces. She’s available in the Miss Kika online shop for $100 USD each. We can’t want to get this on our walls!

Source: Miss Kika