Maqaroon “Blossom” Bracelet Collection

Summer may be around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your love for spring’s cherry blossoms. Maqaroon has a small collection of bracelets that are perfect for showing your love for the blossom.

The bracelets include rose gold blossom that matches Maqaroon’s blossom necklace and a gold blossom version. There’s even a limited edition Sakura macaron charm bracelet, complete with a pre-bloom/post-bloom colored macaron in the center.

All three bracelets are 15 centimeter in length, or a little less than 6 inches. The blossom bracelets are $24.99 USD each and the Sakura macaron is $27.77 USD each. You can order all three now on the Maqaroon website.

Source: Maqaroon on Facebook