LOVE-Plush Jelly Bots from The Jelly Empire & Shlii Kawaii

Selina Briggs is slowing taking over the world with her Jelly Empire! This time she has enlisted the help of cute toy creator Jaclyn Ashley aka Shlii Kawaii to make huggable Jelly Bots.

The plush Jelly Bot is 9 inches tall, a major height difference compared to previous resin Jelly Bots. Don’t they look soft and comfortable? They’re be available in the Jelly Empire online shop on November 26, 2013, at 10PM EST. There will be ten plush Jelly Bots for sale-six “original” Jelly Bots ($35 USD each) and four “holiday” Jelly Bot complete with hat and scarf ($40 USD each).

Source: The Jelly Empire