Kusovinyl x Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica “WonderCon 2015” Exclusives

Kusovinyl will be at WonderCon this weekend with a couple of exclusives in tow. Their G.O.D Minicel toy by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica is in dressed in yellow, looking like a kawaii version of Bruce Lee. This colorway is limited to 200 pieces and will be priced at $20 USD each.

The second exclusive is a plush version of their 5Star OG Cubs Minicel vinyl. This 9-inch plush will be available for $22 USD each and is limited to 500 pieces.

Get both these toys exclusively at the Kusovinyl booth (booth # 1552) at WonderCon on April 3 – 5, 2015.

Source: Kusovinyl on Facebook