Kidrobot’s “Happy Labbit Personal Happiness Mini” Series

These new Labbit Minis from Kidrobot will bring a smile to any gloomy face. These Labbits are adorable as their designs are brightly colored as they’re doing fun activities like magic tricks and attending clown school.

Everyone has big , big dreams, but we all know it’s the little things in life that really make us happy…Mr. Sun peeking out on a gloomy day, watching a cute squirrell scamper across our path, finding a parking space right outside the donut shop, an unexpected $ 34.59 tax refund…ahhh..bliss. Unfortunately, you won’t find any of those things inside the new Personal Happiness Labbit blind box series. But-what you WILL find is a variety of cute as heck lil Labbits indulging in their private passions of amateur magic tricks, dreams of band camp, excessive snacking and wed evening classes at the Clown Academy. Make their dreams your own!

These Labbits are 1.5 inches and there’s twenty designs to collect. This is a blind box series, so you won’t know which one you’ll receive until you open the box. You can purchase them now for $4.99 USD each in the Kidrobot online store.

Source: Kidrobot