Johnny Cupcakes Big Boy

Take a look at the Big Boy, a new product from clothing brand Johnny Cupcakes. This mascot has been the center of many t-shirt designs, and now you can have your own Big Boy to add to your toy collection (or your personal shrine to Johnny Cupcakes).

There are three variants to choose from: the original black & white ($34.99 USD); a Do It Yourself/DIY that you can personalize ($29.99 USD); and a Glow in the Dark New York Comic Con/NYCC Exclusive version ($99.99 USD).

I’ve got a glimpse of these at NYCC earlier this year and have seen them go for high prices on eBay. I’ve seen a black & white Big Boy go for close to $100 in an online auction. But unless it’s signed by Johnny Earle himself, don’t even bother going on eBay. You can simply pick one (or all three of them) up in Johnny Cupcakes’s online store.

Source: Johnny Cupcakes