Joe Ledbetter & The Loyal Subjects “Pink Bunny”

The newest edition to Joe Ledbetter & The Loyal Subjects‘s “Chao Bunnies” series is here and in time for Valentine’s Day. Pink Bunny is the latest variant of the series and she’s too cute! We admit it’s the color, but is there ever a time where a bunny is not cute?

Pink Bunny will be on sale for $135 USD each. One would think that think that she’s a bit expensive, but considering how limited this release will be and the response to her already we wouldn’t be surprised if she sells out in less than 24 hours. Pink Bunny will be on sale at The Loyal Subjects online store tomorrow, January 29, 2013, at 12PM PST (or 3PM EST).

Don’t miss out on this great piece!

Source: JLED on Facebook