Jibibuts Artist Series by Noferin

We’re a bit late, but we just have to put a spotlight on the Jibibuts Artist Series from Hong Kong-based studio Noferin. Pictures of these toys have been going around the internet for awhile but they just recently went on sale.

Noferin had asked eleven artists to add their twist on their wooden toys. The list includes Andrea Kang, Anna Chambers, Bubi Au Yeung, Buff Monster, Leo Hillier, Martin Hsu, 64 Colors, Nathan Jurevicius, Noferin, Peskimo, Squink and Tado along with Noferin. The final product is twelve different Jibibuts to collect, trade, or gush over.

The Jibibut Artist Series is blind boxed, which means you won’t have the option to pick a particular Jibibut but we have seen some online retailers be nice enough to sell opened boxes. These toys vary in size between 2.5-3.5in tall and made out of birch wood. These Jibibuts is priced at $9.95 USD each, or you can purchase all twelve for about $100 USD. You can find these at designer toys retailers now.

Source: Noferin