JapanLA for Rilakkuma Enamel Pins

These Rilakkuma enamel pins from JapanLA are to die for! These pins are great for adding some Rilakkuma or Korilakkuma (or both!) flair to your outfit. The pins were first available at Anime Expo earlier this month but now JapanLA has put them for sale in their store id you weren’t able to attend. All three pins are less than 2 inches in size and would make any Rilakkuma fan day!

JapanLA for Rilakkuma Relaxed Friends Pin Set

JapanLA for Rilakkuma Strawberry King Pin

JapanLA for Rilakkuma Relaxed Cat Pin

The single pins are priced at $8 USD each and the 2-pin set is $10 USD. Get these exclusively at JapanLA now while they’re hot!