Giant Plush Microbes at Think Geek

Another cute find from Think Geek – Giant Plush Microbes! These toys may look creepy but these are supposed to be germs that have been magnified and made into squeezable cuddly cells/viruses/bacteria. Some of these you’ll want to catch. There are so many Microbes you can get, and their names (“Anthrax”, “Salmonella”, “Stomach Ache”, etc) are even crazier than the toy itself.

Each plush is sized to be 5-7in and they cost $8.99 USD. However Think Geek is having a promotion now where you if you buy two you get one free.

Personally, I like the “Common Cold” and “The Flu.” I wouldn’t mind getting these instead of getting the actual viruses. Maybe it’s the button eyes that makes having even some of the more questionably names plushes desirable. What other time can you give someone “Malaria” or “Syphilis” and they would actually thank you for it?

Source:Think Geek