Fros’Tea Lunartik Christmas Brew 2016

As you’re finishing up last minute holiday prep, why don’t you take some time to relax with some Fros’Tea Christmas Brew from Lunartik? This updated Cup of Tea released from 2013 is back to make your Holiday better. The version has an updated crooked carrot nose but still resembles a snowman. Fros’tea definitely gets us in the mood for winter!

Fros'Tea Lunartik's Christmas Special Brew 2016

You can still order your own Fros’Tea Christmas Brew on the Lunartik online store. They’re limited to 50 signed/numbered pieces and can be yours for £25 GBP (or $31 USD) each. Bonus-add Lunartik’s Ginger Tea Christmas Special Brew from 2015 and get double the cuteness!

Lunartik Ginger Tea Christmas Special Brew 2015

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