Forest Dreamer x Merry Go Round Candy Kuri

Our interest in cute sofubi toys have increased in the past year so we’re still coming across new artists, manufacturers, and stores that specialize in selling them. We’ve just learned about Hong Kong-based artist/toy designer Joanna Tse, aka Forest Dreamer, and her Kuri character which is great because we’re in just in time for her latest release with toy manufacturer Merry Go Round!

Candy Kuri looks just like its name-a sweet piece of candy with a twinkle in the eyes. We’ve seen other variants of Kuri during our research, but we have to admit this one is our current favorite colorway.

Candy Kuri goes on sale starting 12:00 Hong Kong time on March 8, 2019, on the Merry Go Round online store. Bring home this candy dreamer for $70 each.