Flat Bonnie for “Cutepocalypse” at Clutter Gallery

Flat Bonnie is one of the artists that will be in tonight’s “Cutepocalypse” show at Clutter Gallery, and they were kind enough to send us pictures of their plushes for the show. The first piece is called “Miss Pinky,” a Kaiju Cactus that looks adorable even with its spines and claws. The second plush is called “Candy Glitter Cloud,” a two-sided cloud with one side happy and the other “Stormy.”

One of the things we love about Flat Bonnie is that all the materials that they use are animal-friendly and the proceeds of their sales go towards bunny and animal rescues. Not only are these plushes adorable but they also go to a great cause!

Both plushes are made of vinyl pleather with “Miss Pinky” also made with metal spikes for the cactus spines. “Candy Glitter Cloud” will be available for $100 USD and “Miss Pinky” will be priced at $120 USD. The preview list for “Cutepocalypse” will be emailed by Clutter Gallery later today-you can sign up for it by going to their website.

Source: Flat Bonnie