“Fifth Annual Tiny Trifecta” at Cotton Candy Machine

This Saturday is Cotton Candy Machine‘s annual Tiny Trifecta show. This popular event is your chance to get original artwork at $100 a pop. Each artist will have three pieces of art in the show. Fans of this show start camping out in front of Cotton Candy Machine days in advance to make sure they get their favorite artists’ works.

The artist roster is so large for this show! It’s a mixture of different styles but we do know that cute artists like Andrea Kang, Junko Mizuno, and Yoskay Yamamoto will have pieces in the show. The show will open on June 6, 2015, at 7PM with pre-registration starting at 4PM. Any available works after opening night will be up on the Cotton Candy website later in the month. To RSVP to the show, head over to Cotton Candy Machine’s Facebook page.

Source: Cotton Candy Machine