“Flatness – A Flat Bonnie Show” at GR2 Giant Robot

Tomorrow night will be the opening of a new show at GR2 Giant Robot showcasing new works from Flat Bonnie! The show will also feature selected works from other artists, but the star of this show is Flat Bonnie with 40 pieces on display. “Flatness” will feature new colorways of Flat Bonnie plushes, like these Cactus variants below:

Flatness will also be the debut of a new collection of wall art designed by Flat Bonnie. These works, called “Flatties,” are Flat Bonnie plushes that have been sewn on to vinyl canvases. Here’s one of these canvases that will be at the opening:

SO CUTE! If you’re in the area be sure to check it out on opening night on August 8, 2015. If you’re unable to make the show you can see (and purchase!) pieces on Giant Robot’s website.

Source: Flat Bonnie