Earn Geek Merit Badges with Meghan Murphy!

Kawaii Not creator Meghan Murphy wants people to earn the right to call themselves geeks. Therefore, she has released a new book filled with cute illustrations to help guide you in becoming a “certified geek.” The book is titled “Geek Merit Badges: Essential Skills for Nerdy Excellence” and includes fun tips and steps on how to “embrace your inner geek.”

Geeks have their own ranking hierarchy and code of conduct–they always strive to know more, to do more, to be more. Being a good geek means knowing when and how to harness your passion for the benefit of yourself and others. And don’t think for a minute that geekdom doesn’t have a dark side, so make sure you use your geek powers for good and not for evil.

You can order your copy now through sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $19.99 USD each.

Source: Kawaii Not on Facebook