Wishlist Wednesdays: Buff Monster Miao & Mousubi

This week’s Wishlist Wednesday feature is a goodie that has us checking all over to find… We just love these Miao & Mousubi toys by Buff Monster! The duo platform is made by Zakkamono and Buff Monster designed three colorways. But if we’re being honest we want all three! The pink/white and black/silver version were limited to 250 each, however the green colorway is very rare with only 100 released. Why so limited? It glowed in the dark!

Buff Monster Miao & Mousubi class=

All three Miao & Mousubi were originally released back in summer 2009 and have since sold out at most retailers. We have seen the pink/white and black/silver colorways pop up occasionally on eBay but the green variant seems to be gone for good. Sigh…