Argonaut Resins “Pharaoh Hounds” Series 3

Argonaut Resins is releasing a new set of resin-sculpted “Pharaoh Hounds” tomorrow. There will also be several editions of his popular “Tuttz” figure and several chase figures up for grabs during the release.

Among these there will be a hidden “Golden Ticket” in one of the packaging boxes. Whoever finds the “Golden Ticket” in their order will receive a free resin figure designed by Argonaut Resins, so one lucky person will get a chance to grab two resin pieces for the price of one!

Everything will be on sale in the Argonaut Resins online store on June 6, 2012, at 12PM EDT. But don’t delay-we’re expecting these to sell out FAST.

Source: Argonaut Resins