Wishlist Wednesdays: Andrea Kang Bedtime Bunnies

What happens when you give Andrea Kang a bunch of blank Bedtime Bunnies by Peter Kato? You get our latest obsession for Wishlist Wednesday! Kang’s custom Bedtime Bunnies were originally released back in 2014 and sold out pretty fast.

The series included ten resin bunnies sculpted by Kato and individually painted by Kang. Each bunny has its own different design so no two Bedtime Bunnies looked the same. It’s really hard to choose only one as our favorite; all ten of them are so adorable!

Wishlist Wednesday: Andrea Kang Bedtime Bunnies

Since the success of this Bedtime Bunnies series Kang and Kato have collaborated on a similar platform called Bedtime Bears, a series of custom bears in matching slippers. While we love the Bedtime Bears, we’d like to see another series of Andrea Kang Bedtime Bunnies in the future. You can never have too many bunnies running around!